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Method To Prevent Driving Laser Leveling Machine From Tipping Over

The driving laser leveling machine is an indispensable mechanical tool in the construction industry. When using it, it must be operated in accordance with the specified requirements, otherwise it is very prone to accidents, such as car rollovers. In order to prevent these situations from happening, Today I will give you a specific introduction on how to avoid it.

1. Before officially using the driving laser leveler, check the road surface first, remove obstacles on the road surface, and keep irrelevant personnel away from the equipment, then raise the bucket and start to start.

2. When reversing, estimate the space after getting off the car. If the blind spot is very large, a special person must be behind to coordinate and command.

3. Check whether the direction of the track frame is correct, and determine the position of the driving wheel, and then hold down the horn to let the driving laser leveler start slowly.

4. When walking, try to choose a flat road to prevent the upper turntable from rotating. If you are walking on a bad ground, prevent the crawler frame and motor from being damaged by the rocks on the road.

5. When driving, you must control the walking speed. When going up and down, you must choose zero gear, low speed, and high torque. If you are walking on relatively open ground, you can choose 1 gear. The speed should be adjusted automatically according to the working pressure of the circuit, either to decrease or to increase.

When operating the driving laser leveler, in order to avoid rollover accidents, you must follow the above methods. In addition, when walking on the ramp, you must walk as straight as possible to let the bucket and the ground The distance is about 20 to 30 centimeters. If it is slipping, put the bucket down first.

Post time: Apr-09-2021