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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best service. The Dynamic warranty policy is designed to achieve business agility and provides you with different options to protect your valuable assets. In this document you will find all you need to know about Dynamic Warranty in terms of Duration, Coverage and Customer service.

Warranty Period
Dynamic warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects or technical defects for a period of one year after original date of purchase. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.

Warranty Coverage
Dynamic products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use within the warranty period. Products not sold through Dynamic Authorized Distributors are not covered in the warranty agreement. Warranty obligations for customized products are governed by separate contracts and not covered in this document.
Dynamic does not warranty engines. Engine warranty claims should be made directly to an authorized factory service center for the particular engine manufacturer.
Dynamic's warranty does not cover the normal maintenance of products or its components (such as engine tune-ups and oil & filter changes). The warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear items (such as belts and consumables).
Dynamic's warranty does not cover the defect resulted from operator abuse, failure to perform normal maintenance on the product, modification to product, alterations or repairs made to the product without the written approval of Dynamic.

Exclusions from Warranty
Dynamic assumes no liability as a consequence of following circumstances, under which the warranty becomes void and ceases to take effect.
1) The product is found to be defective after the warranty period has expired
2) The product has been subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, tampering, altering or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other causes
3) The product has been damaged due to disasters or extreme conditions, whether natural or human, including but not limited to flood, fire, lightning strikes or power line disturbances
4) The product has been subject to environmental conditions beyond the designed tolerance

Customer Service
In order to help the customer to resume normal operation as soon as possible and avoid examination fees on devices that are not actually damaged, we are eager to assist you with remote troubleshooting and seek every possible way to fix the device without the unnecessary time and expense of returning the device for repair.

If you have a question or you would like to contact us for something else, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have.

The Dynamic Customer Service can be contacted at:
T: +86 21 67107702
F: +86 21 6710 4933
E: sales@dynamic-eq.com