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How To Maintain The Walk-Behind Laser Leveler?

With the continuous improvement of building construction quality and efficiency, hand-held laser levelers are often used in the ground and road construction process. Using this construction equipment can greatly improve the construction quality of the ground and road surface and shorten the construction period. , Improve construction efficiency. However, after the construction is completed, we must perform the necessary maintenance on the hand-held laser leveler. Let's briefly introduce how to maintain the hand-held laser leveler?

After the construction is completed, the hand-held laser leveler needs to be pushed out of the construction site. The vibration leveling part of the equipment cannot be brought into contact with the ground, and the construction equipment cannot be pushed when the vibration leveling part is in contact with the ground. It is very easy to cause damage to the vibration plate of the equipment. In addition, after the completion of the construction, the equipment needs to be cleaned, but the mesh part of the equipment body cannot be washed, because during the cleaning process, water is very easy to flow into the inside of the equipment along the mesh, causing the equipment to short-circuit.

The used walk-behind laser leveler should be stored in a dry and tidy warehouse. Sundries or dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive should not be stored around the equipment. If you do not use the laser leveler for a long time, you need to take out the battery inside the device and keep it properly. The battery cannot be charged for a long time. The charging time should be controlled within eight hours each time. In addition, in the process of using the device, try to use up the battery power as much as possible and then charge it. After the battery power is used up, it can be fully charged again, which can prolong the service life of the battery.

In the construction process, if the hand-held laser leveling machine loses signal, the equipment needs to be restarted, but it cannot be restarted immediately, and it must be restarted after a period of time. If you do not use the laser leveler for a long time, you need to lubricate the internal bearings and other parts of the equipment to ensure that the equipment maintains a good lubrication effect. Keep debris or sand from contacting the equipment to avoid wear and tear on the equipment parts.

Post time: Apr-09-2021