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DYNAMIC Laser Leveling Machine Is Accurate And Efficient, And Can Easily “Level” The Concrete

With the continuous development of economy, there is an increasing demand for the construction of large areas such as industrial plants, large squares, stadiums and parking lots. Most of these sites use concrete cast-in-situ foundation, and then covered with floor tiles or floor paint. Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the flatness of the foundation layer.

The traditional construction method of concrete floor is manual leveling and then troweling with trowel machine. This method requires a lot of labor, and the quality of the construction process is not controlled. It requires manual correction for many times, repeated measurement and adjustment of the ground under construction, and the efficiency is not high.

Therefore, Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. develops concrete leveling machines for the high-precision leveling construction of building ground concrete, so as to solve the problems of low efficiency, high strength, low precision and repeated construction in concrete construction.

After years of painstaking research, Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. has launched a series of laser leveling machines. To some extent, it reduces the workload and work intensity of workers.

Ls-325 Actual Picture of Construction Site
With its unique two degree of freedom adaptive system, the machine can ensure that the machine can work stably on reinforced concrete; Based on the independently developed GNSS navigation system, it can automatically set the leveling planning path and realize the automatic leveling construction of concrete ground. Compared with the actual construction, its work efficiency and accuracy are much higher than those of manual work.

What are the advantages of the leveling machine?
High precision laser elevation control system is adopted, which integrates three functions of measurement, leveling and surface finishing, and the efficiency is higher than that of manual work; Compared with manual robot construction, the leveling robot has lighter weight and smaller size, and can be constructed on double-layer reinforcement mesh and narrow room; The leveling accuracy is high. The basement construction can directly meet the levelness / flatness requirements of the concrete leveling layer at the construction stage of the main structure. It can be formed at one time, directly omit the subsequent floor construction, speed up the progress and save the cost.

LS-400 actual picture of construction site
According to the R & D team, the laser leveling machine project team has carried out many iterative updates, and finally improved the leveling accuracy of the machine from 11 mm to less than 3 mm, and the efficiency is synchronously improved by 2-3 times.

LS-500 actual picture of construction site
DYNAMIC laser leveling machine series products have been introduced to the market for 10 years. After the test of tens of thousands of customers around the world, they have been highly praised by everyone. The R & D team of Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. will continue to strive for higher efficiency, smaller error and more intelligent operation mode, and strive to provide customers with more high-quality mechanical products.

Post time: Aug-24-2022