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Construction Technology of DYNAMIC High Quality Large Area Wear-Resistant Floor

If you want to make a good wear-resistant floor (or high-quality curing infiltration floor), you must deal with the strength of the concrete base, especially the flatness. A good wear-resistant floor is not only closely related to the quality of wear-resistant aggregate. Better base course ground is required. This paper aims to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete concrete laser leveling and wear-resistant floor technology. The following contents are the construction methods summarized by Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. according to many years of industry experience. For your reference.

Construction process: base course treatment → warehouse formwork setting → concrete feeding → laser leveling machine paving, vibrating and compacting → spreading metal aggregate → calendering and slurry extraction → polishing → watering and curing → mechanical joint cutting and grouting.

Laser screed construction picture

Base treatment
1. Firstly, the garbage on the base course shall be removed and there shall be no sundries on the surface of the base course.
2. Chisel the local protruding part of the surface to make the surface elevation uniform. Check whether the flatness of the base course meets the standard within ± 2cm from the design elevation to ensure the paving thickness of concrete.

Template settings
Firstly, according to the steel column position of the whole plant, design requirements, formwork preparation, vehicle travel direction and construction characteristics of leveling equipment, a reliable construction pouring scheme is formulated. Rigid formwork shall be installed in the construction area. The formwork shall be a special formwork made of channel steel, and the upper opening of the formwork shall be adjusted to make it flat and consistent inside and outside.

Set sliding layer
After the formwork is erected, the construction area shall be covered with plastic film to separate the base course from the concrete surface to form a sliding layer.

Binding reinforcement mesh
1. The reinforcement mesh shall be processed by centralized and unified batching in the site, and transported to the designated position for stacking after binding. The reinforcement surface shall be clean, free of dirt, rust, etc. to ensure the quality of raw materials. The reinforcement mesh shall be fully tied, and the spacing and size shall meet the design and specification requirements. After binding, check the reinforcement mesh to see whether the protective layer is enough, whether the binding is firm and whether there is looseness.
2. Before pouring concrete, it shall be installed at the designated position by workers. The size of reinforcement mesh is 3M × 3m.

Laser leveling machine commissioning
Before pouring concrete, the laser leveling machine shall be debugged. Erect and level the laser transmitter, and adjust the level and height of the leveling head of the concrete leveling machine according to the transmitted signal to make it consistent with the height of the concrete ground. At the same time, adjust the height difference at both ends of the leveling head within 0.5mm. Before large-scale construction, first use equipment for trial production and check to ensure no error.

Concrete pouring
1. Commercial concrete shall be used. The service performance of commercial concrete shall meet the requirements of relevant specifications, and the slump of concrete into the formwork shall be controlled at 160-180mm.
2. Concrete shall be paved from the end in an orderly manner. When the concrete mixture is poured into the formwork, the unloading shall be concentrated and slow, and the virtual thickness shall be about 2cm higher than the formwork. If necessary, the material shall be reduced or supplemented, and the vertical and horizontal sections shall meet the requirements. The concrete shall be paved continuously without interruption.
3. After the concrete is poured, the piles of concrete shall be roughly leveled manually within the effective range of the telescopic arm of the leveling machine, and then the vibration, compaction and leveling shall be completed at one time with the laser leveling machine. In the leveling process, take one direction as the principle, and lay backward from inside to outside step by step.
4. Areas where mechanical construction cannot be carried out, such as corners and steel columns, shall be compacted and leveled manually.

Wear resistant floor construction
Before the initial setting of concrete, the disc trowel shall be used to roughly plaster until the slurry is discharged, and the hardener shall be evenly distributed on the concrete surface. After the hardener absorbs a certain amount of water, start grinding; After rough grinding, the second layer of hardener shall be spread, and the amount of material shall be 1 / 3 of that of the previous process. Cross grinding shall be conducted during grinding, and no missing grinding is allowed.

Trowel compaction and polishing
1. After laser leveling, the concrete shall be lifted and finished with a trowel before and after initial setting. The troweling operation of disc grinder shall be carried out for many times according to the hardening of the surface layer. The operation speed of mechanical troweling shall be adjusted appropriately according to the hardening of the concrete ground, and the mechanical troweling operation shall be carried out vertically and horizontally.
2. Before final setting, replace the disc of the grinder as a blade, and adjust the angle for grinding and polishing. Generally, the polishing operation is more than 2 times to make the floor gloss uniform.

Slit: The joints shall be cut in time 2-3D after the construction of wear-resistant surface course. Wet cutting shall be adopted for cutting joints, with a thickness of 5cm and a depth of no less than 1 / 3 of the concrete thickness. The cutting seam shall be straight and beautiful.

Curing: After the concrete is polished, it shall be covered with film and watered for curing. During the curing period, when the concrete strength of the surface course does not reach 1.2MPa, no one shall walk on it.

1. After the floor is cured for two weeks, thoroughly clean the cutting joint and remove all loose particles and dust at the cutting joint.
2. Polyurethane sealant with long-lasting elasticity and rapid curing shall be used to fill the shrinkage joint.

Control measures
1. Materials used on site must be subject to site acceptance, and shall be stacked at the designated position after passing the acceptance. Note that materials with waterproof requirements must take relevant measures against moisture and rain.
2. Provide experienced construction management personnel and skilled construction operators. Before construction, relevant personnel shall be organized to conduct technical disclosure on the correct use of construction machines and tools and the control of key processes, so as to ensure that the construction personnel are proficient in the operation of each process.
3. The construction machines and tools shall meet the requirements, be in good condition, and prepare some spare important instruments.
4. The site construction environment shall be kept clean and tidy to prevent dust and other sundries from polluting the ground.
5. The pockets, garbage and other waste materials left on the site shall be removed every day to ensure that the site is cleared after work. In case of waste special materials, the treatment method shall be in accordance with the requirements for the treatment of special materials.

Finally, in addition to strictly following the above procedures, a good wear-resistant floor also requires the coordination and cooperation between the concrete and the wear-resistant floor.
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Post time: Aug-24-2022