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The Zhengzhou terrace exchange meeting of Henan Association was a complete success

Publish Time: 2021-11-03 Views: 51


     On October 23, 2021, the activity of "overall floor exchange meeting · Zhengzhou special session" hosted by the 77 Building Materials Industry Federation Henan floor Association and co organized by Jiezhou construction machinery was a complete success.

     In this exchange meeting, more than 40 high-quality flooring enterprises came to participate in the activity to exchange and discuss the latest flooring materials, processes and technologies for more than 400 flooring construction enterprises, design units, project owners and engineering technicians from all over the country.

On site sign in

     Under the normalization of COVID-19's prevention and control, we strictly abide by the state's epidemic prevention policy, check and verify each participant's health code and itinerary code at the scene, and ask every participant to wear masks all the time. Ensure the safety of every participant!

Theoretical explanation

     With the explanation of theoretical knowledge, Jiezhou construction machine enabled every student present to learn advanced floor knowledge, more construction experience and various latest floor materials and equipment. Jiezhou makes more students understand and trust Jiezhou. Jiezhou will always focus on quality, actively develop more and better products, and strive to create greater value for customers and society!

      In the Boyce night, we prepared a wealth of performance performances, and many participating manufacturers took out their trump products for auction at extremely favorable prices, so that the participating builders can not only learn the latest floor technology, but also get cheap and high-quality products!


This exchange meeting - Zhengzhou station will draw a perfect paragraph here

        Through the combination of theory and practice, we all learned the advanced knowledge of the floor and the most cutting-edge construction skills, which benefited us a lot and received a lot of goods.