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Our Company Joined the 2017 First WORLD OF CONCRETE ASIA Was Successfully Completed !

Publish Time: 2021-06-29 Views: 72

On December 4-6, 2017, the first "Asian Concrete World Expo WOCA" was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Our company was invited to participate in the exhibition and displayed sophisticated machinery and equipment for this event. Our products focus on ergonomic design, embodying human-oriented design ideas, beautiful appearance, stable operation, comfortable and convenient, safe and reliable! Because of its stable and reliable operation, flexible use and easy operation, it has attracted the attention of many customers at home and abroad!

Our company's iconic yellow color and excellent product equipment attracted a large number of customers at the exhibition site to come to learn about and consult. Our booth was crowded with people, and our staff were enthusiastic, meticulous and patient to give customers detailed introductions and answer questions.

Our booth also attracted many international friends to watch and inquire about the products, and our colleagues from the foreign trade department also introduced answers to the foreign guests!

This exhibition is also very grateful to floor associations from all over the country for visiting our booth! Special thanks to the Anhui Provincial Floor Association and Henan Provincial Floor Association for visiting our company after visiting the exhibition!

The success of this floor exhibition is inseparable from your support and our own efforts. The floor exhibition can not only increase the understanding of our products by domestic and foreign customers, but also establish a better relationship for our future communication and cooperation. ! We will continue to uphold the mission of green environmental protection and safe production, continue to forge ahead, be honest and pragmatic, and strive to create greater value for customers and society!