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Jiezhou Construction Machinery Tour · Anji Trip

Publish Time: 2021-06-29 Views: 70

Jiangnan in July is misty and rainy. From July 10th to 12th, in the light rain, Jiezhou Construction Machinery ushered in the annual team building tour for all employees of the company.
Our place of travel this time is: Anji, Zhejiang.

DAY  1

Expansion training
On the morning of the 10th, the partners took a bus to the summer resort "Anji, Zhejiang". In a pleasant atmosphere where the partners are talking and laughing, the 3-hour drive will arrive soon.
After a break in the hotel after lunch, we were excited to go to the outreach training camp: Huangpu Jiangyuan Outdoor Camp.

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After an afternoon of outreach training, the friends enhanced the relationship between each other and deepened the trust of the team. Everyone is having fun, and I am even more looking forward to tomorrow’s drifting

DAY  2

Mountain climbing · rafting
The North Zhejiang Grand Canyon in Anji is very famous and its scenery is very beautiful. The spring water hidden in the mountains is crystal clear. We came here early the next morning.
In the afternoon, we had the long-awaited Grand Canyon rafting.
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DAY  3

Hidden Dragon Hundred Waterfalls · Anji Bamboo Sea
In addition to the Grand Canyon and rafting, Anji is also famous for her "Great Bamboo Sea". It is also the filming location of the great director Li An's masterpiece "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".
We came here early on the third day.
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Three rich and happy days have passed. The friends on this journey have enhanced their understanding and deepened their relationships. Even more full of Anji's good mountains and rivers!
Looking forward to the next trip~~