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Garage ground one-stop solution

Publish Time: 2021-09-16 Views: 56

Garage ground one-stop solution   -Transfer from: Lisik

As an important market for the flooring industry, indoor parking garages are mostly large-scale commercial complexes and residential buildings. With the improvement of the quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of urban life, the number of private cars has increased day by day in recent years, and the construction of underground parking lots has become more and more common. With the improvement of the owner's requirements for the quality of the floor, some defects of the traditional coating garage floor have become less and less able to meet the high requirements of customers.


Across the country, it is not uncommon for coated floors to experience surface peeling and peeling after being used for a period of time.


In order to reduce the time and expense cost caused by later maintenance, the owner has been looking for a more perfect ground, and has given the following requirements:

1. Low maintenance

2. High cost performance

3. Easy to clean

4. Flat and beautiful

5. Not easy to fall off

6. Long service life

7. Environmental protection

8. Energy saving

9. Class a fire protection

10. Anti skid

11. Various colors can be customized

Why, sounds too perfect? It feels impossible to have this kind of ground existence? ? Why, sounds too perfect? It feels impossible to have this kind of ground existence? ?


The garage of Wal-Mart's Sam's Club, which was just completed and put into use this month, gave the best answer. Let us first look at the details of the project.

Project Name: Underground Garage of Wal-Mart Sam's Club

Project location: Overseas Chinese Town Creative Center, Jinniu District, Chengdu

Project area: 7,000m2

Customized ground color: dark gray

The project uses the ground plan: polished concrete

Completion time: May 2018

Ground construction party: Xi'an Zhipu Technology Co., Ltd.


The polished concrete floor is a whole concrete floor. Since there is no coating on the surface, the fall-off situation can be well controlled, which greatly saves the maintenance cost in the later period, and at the same time greatly extends the service life. Polished concrete is a pure inorganic material ground. In addition to meeting the Class A fire protection performance, the anti-slip performance is also among the forefront of all floor products (for details, please click: American floor industry research found that the floor product with the best anti-slip performance)


The polished concrete floor with high flatness can enhance the indoor light source due to its good specular reflection effect, and can save about 40% of the lighting power at most, so as to achieve the purpose of green energy saving and greatly reduce the owner's daily operation cost (for details, click: green energy-saving floor - Lighting reflectivity of polished concrete)


The polished concrete floor with high levelness, due to its good mirror reflection effect, can enhance the indoor light source, and can save up to about 40% of the light energy, so as to achieve the goal of green energy saving and greatly reduce the owner’s daily operating costs ( For details, please click: Green energy-saving floor-lighting reflectivity of polished concrete)