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Maintenance and Correct Use of Plate Compactor

Publish Time: 2022-06-02 Views: 8

DYNAMIC plate compactor series is used in narrow places near wall corners, roadsides, foundations and other structures. It can also be used for special process construction of compacting asphalt and water seepage concrete. Compared with other similar models in the domestic market, dynamic plate compactor pays more attention to the practicability and reliability of construction, with high cost performance, economy and practicality. We have two types of plate compactors: single plate compactor and double plate compactor.

一.What kind of working conditions can use plate compactor?
Not all projects can use the plate compactor. The following is a detailed introduction to the working conditions of the plate compactor by DYNAMIC machinery, hoping to help you:
1.In the repair of road pits and grooves, the tamping operation of hot make-up asphalt or cold make-up water stabilized materials.



2.Backfilling and compaction of structures such as tap water and gas pipelines.


3.The bottom layer of the sidewalk shall be compacted sand, and the bottom layer of other sidewalk areas shall be compacted sand.


4.Tamping operation of reservoir and dam slope.


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二.How to better maintain the plate compactor?
1. If you don't use it for a long time, close the fuel saving valve (oil circuit switch, under the choke), and then run at idle speed to burn up the oil in the carburetor.
2.During asphalt repair operations, diesel oil can be applied on the bottom plate to prevent asphalt adhesion.
3.When working with cement or stabilizing the stable layer, pay attention to cleaning the machine after use.
4.The working oil is pure gasoline, and filled with unleaded gasoline above 93.
5.Let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes before operation, and then work; Before flameout, let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes before flameout.
6.Adjust the throttle to the large Z large position while working.
7.When starting the engine and pulling the starting rope, do not use excessive force. As long as you feel the degree of resistance in the pulling, and then pull hard at this position, it will start; Then gently return the starting handle. The choke can be closed for winter start-up, but it must be opened after start-up.